Why BrainPlow?

Why Brainplow?

With a bleeding edge proprietary AI platform to provide easy n’ intuitive solutions, solving problems related for modern-day Life n’ Business by leveraging Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has NEVER been this easy!

From AI Proctoring to Smart Agents to a ChatBot AI to Artificially Intelligent Auction Apps to ML-based Sentiment Aspect Analysis to Forex AI Trading to an Influencer Marketing AI & a whole lot more, BrainPlow is a Next Generation Powerhouse in the High Tech Universe. We provide Incredibly Insights and Next Generation Apps for your organization.

AI Powered Insights = More Efficiency

BrainPlow’s bleeding edge AI leads you to higher productivity and increased ROI with bleeding edge Artificial Intelligence by capturing Intelligent Insights across a wide spectrum of products.

Human Engagement = Accurate Forecasting

Powered by a proprietary AI, BrainPlow provides remarkably accurate analytics into human engagement by crunching the massive flow of data

Optimized Performance = Accelerate Business

BrainPlow helps boost your organization’s business by targeting potential loyal customers with it’s next-generation Machine Learning (ML) algorithms for crunching product and customer data.

Intelligent Insights = Smarter Organization

BrainPlow provides ML-powered deep insights for measuring Brand/Product performance across any All Domains and Verticals with it’s Deep Learning

Our Skill-Set

Planning, developing, implementing cutting-edge solutions

Machine Learning 95%


Artificial Intelligence 97%


Sales Forecasting 85%


Inventory Forecasting 91%


Predictive Data Analytics 82%