Multiple Device Proctoring During Remote Online Exams {Abstract}

Multiple Device Proctoring During Remote Online Exams {Abstract}

The current invention provides a unique solution for remote online exam proctoring. Remote online exam proctoring is still a major challenge as there can be multiple techniques to bypass the proctoring. This invention addresses these issues with a unique solution outlined in this document.

This invention would proctor the students during a remote online exam with multiple devices. First one will be the standard webcam on laptop/desktop computer to record the student’s entire exam session. And the second device will be any mobile, tablet etc. which will be placed at multiple angles during the exam such that, it will make difficult for the students to cheat.

The objective of this invention is to provide a unique solution to one of the most difficult challenges faced in remote online exams.  Normally, remote online exams are proctored by webcams on laptops/desktop computers which cannot observe the keyboard and other areas within the room where the exam is being conducted. This allows the students to place the study notes at keyboard area allowing them to cheat easily. So, we are providing a unique solution for proctoring students during exams with multiple devices. This will maintain the integrity of exam by providing a transparent exam environment.*

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