Artificial Intelligence (AI)


From Smart Virtual Assistants to Semi-Autonomous Chat-Bots to Self-Driving Autonomous Cars, AI is becoming ubiquitous across the board, making life Simpler n’ Easier. AI is getting progressive by the day as is being observed by its pervasive usage everywhere in the 21st century.
Implemented in almost all technologies, verticals and domains, AI is a sub-field of Computer Science. Similar to Humans, the main objective of AI is to develop Intelligent Machines which are capable enough to learn from datasets, perform analysis and provide reasonable responses to situations and scenarios. In the current day definition, Artificial Intelligence is also synonymously equated to “Predictive Analytics”.
BrainPlow is an International Technology Firm that focuses on providing bleeding-edge solutions to real world problems with a pointed focus on Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Data Science.

Artificial Intelligence – Its in BrainPlow’s DNA

BrainPlow was born digital and has a pointed emphasis on harnessing the Power of AI: Machine learning is leveraged and employed/deployed in ALL of our products. We have implemented AI as a powerful vehicle that allows us to analyze visual, sensory, data and other inputs, learn from them and then produce robust and capable responses in our Apps, Products and Platforms – Making overall life Simpler & Easier for People and Organizations.